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Quality, efficiency, safety

Quality Service and Installation are the cornerstones of every project we complete.  We review all designs, materials, and changes with you before we begin.


Planning and scheduling of our projects are the first steps in the construction process,  this enables us to operate efficiently and complete on time.


We believe a safe workplace is a productive workplace, and as such do not compromise the safety of our workers or customers.




CAFO MATTONE Masonry has quickly established itself as a highly skilled and knowledgeable masonry contractor.  We provide custom brickwork, quality stone installations, Structural blockwork, and much more.  While our main focus is to bring commercial grade quality and knowledge to each home we enhance.  Cafo Mattone can and is able help you with the masonry portions of your retail or commercial building.   



Cafo Mattone is a family run company which is committed to providing quality Masonry installations at a great rate. We offer free estimates, and provide you with our best price up front. We bring high quality to every project we do.  Here at Cafo Mattone we do not lower our quality to compete with other contractors.  We provide you with a thorough estimate and explain the scope of work to be done on your project.  When comparing Cafo Mattone to other contractors; you will see that we give you the most quality for your hard earned dollar. 


Mattone [mat·ˈto:·ne] : Brick.