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Designs and patterns


If you would like to recreate the look of your grandparents cottage, or add a different and unique aspect to your Masonry project.  A variety of new and reclaimed masonry materials available allow us to to capture your imagination in a  structurally sound work of art.


From a decorative front entrance composed of brick to a custom built mantle to compliment your fireplace, we are able to enhance any project with care and professionalism.   



Masonry can be beautiful and serve a purpose.  Ad a design, combine masonry materials, or incorporate a customized precast concrete piece to set your project apart from the rest.  Custom wood work is available if you need a mantle built to your specifications, or want to build quality shelving into your masonry feature wall.  Tell us what you would like to create and we can work together to make your project one of a kind.


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