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chimney repairs

Chimney caps are the only line of defense against the deterioration of you masonry chimney


If left untreated, moisture from any rainfall or snow melt will slowly soak into the brick and wait for Alberta's freeze thaw cycle to take over.  Eventually the face of each brick affected will spall leaving you more susceptible to water damage in your home.


The main root cause of masonry deterioration is moisture.  We have a great understanding of how to control moisture, in order to repair and preserve your damaged masonry.  Masonry damaged by vehicle impacts and foundation failures are very common and should not be handled lightly; often the damage goes further than what is visible.


Masonry repairs

Our knowledge allows us the opportunity to assess damaged structures, and determine to best possible repair. In most cases we can determine the source of the damage or deterioration and suggest alternative designs to insure your repair will last.



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