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-something constructed of materials used by masons


- the art, trade, or occupation of a mason



You cannot have masonry without a mason,  we are trained in the use of all types of masonry units and masonry components.


When using masonry on your home or building, you are instantly transforming it into a focal point of your neighborhood, or your living area.  We work with you to find a design and material that best suits your project.  Together we achieve the finish you desire. 




Cafo Mattone is a masonry contractor that is able to install any type of masonry, anywhere you would like.

New construction, whether stone, brick, or concrete block is something we take seriously.  Masonry when installed incorrectly will deteriorate quickly; We asses every project and its needs to insure that you are left with a long lasting product. 

 We are able to repair all types of deficiencies or damages in your existing masonry and determine the source of the deterioration to help you eliminate future damage. 

Decorative brickwork, glass block installations showcase the beauty of masonry, we are able to offer you the opportunity to add an artistic element to your masonry project.

If you would like a custom wood mantle for your fireplace, or tile installed on your hearth, we offer this as part of our fireplace stone or brick installations.